Bay Area Trusted Fire Protection Company


What is the frequency of maintenance for my fire suppression system and/or portable fire extinguisher?

Fire Suppression System maintenance is required semi-annually (6 months) from the date punched on the service tag certification located on your remote pull station.

Portable Fire Extinguisher maintenance is required annually (1 Year) or more frequently if circumstances require, from the date punched on the service tag certification located on the fire extinguisher.

What do the ratings mean on Fire Extinguishers?

There are five different classifications of fire extinguishers. The newer models are identified by pictures corresponding to the type of burning materials.

  1. Class A – Fire Extinguishers are to be used on ordinary combustibles found in the home/office such as wood, paper, household garbage, etc.
  2. Class B – Fire Extinguisher are used on flammable liquids like gasoline, grease, oil, etc.
  3. Class C – Fire Extinguishers should only be used on fires that are started or fed with electricity like fires in electrical panels or in case of an electrical short in wiring.
  4. Class D – Fire Extinguishers are used for flammable metal fires like burning magnesium and are not commonly found in homes.
  5. Class K – Fire Extinguishers are used for cooking oils or fats in well-insulated cooking appliances located in commercial kitchens.

What is Fire?

In order to have a fire, there must be three elements:

  1. Fuel: something which will burn
  2. Heat: enough to make the fuel burn
  3. Oxygen: air

All three elements must be present at the same time to have a fire. Fire will burn until one or more of the elements is removed, then the fire will go out.